Breathing Space

Breathing Space is a new permanent sound installation for the National Museum of Australia’s Garden of Australian Dreams. It’s an oasis of quiet reverberations, revealing the calls, tremulations and deep stirrings of country.

Six areas in the garden softly pulse with human and other-than-human sounds, emanating from speakers embedded in paths and walls. In the garden’s central field, all the vibrations converge and disperse in undulating drifts of sound.

This sonic rewilding comprises choruses of frogs and cicadas, subterranean rumbles, the pop and whoosh of the Aurora Australis, women’s voices, and ethereal instrumental phrases, layered and abstracted into patterns to be heard in passing and pausing.

"The world will always need its dreamers… "
- Alexis Wright
Genevieve Lacey — lead artist
Alexis Wright — words
Ruth Little — groundwork
Jim Atkins — sound design
Martel Ollerenshaw — producer
Paul Lim for Additive — technical production manager
Ashley Simonetto — graphic design
Jess Zhang — cultural consultant