phoenix songs

Released: 1995

Works by Brenton Broadstock, Ian Shanahan, Ros Bandt, Amanda Baker, Ben Thorn, Neil Currie.


Genevieve Lacey: recorder
Robert Chamberlain: piano
Ann Murphy: harpsichord
David Corbet: live electronics
Hartley Newnham: voice
Produced and engineered by Martin Wright and Vaughan McAlley for Move Records, 1995

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  1. Brenton Broadstock: Aureole 3
  2. Neil Currie: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
  3. Ian Shanahan: Lingua Silens Florum
  4. Benjamin Thorn: Pipistrelli gialli (Yellow bats): I
  5. Ian Shanahan: Cathy's Song
  6. Ian Shanahan: Helical Ribbon
  7. Amanda Baker: Phoenix Songs
  8. Ros Bandt: Flight