I am very proud to be Artistic Advisor to UKARIA. It’s a role of listening – to what a place needs, and to artists who might help make that vision tangible. It’s an honour, and a great joy.

In April 23-24, 2016, I curated the inaugural UKARIA 24.

UKARIA’s a place where the tissue between outside and inside worlds feels easily permeable.

It’s a place you’re keenly aware of the shifting light.

Being in UKARIA’s landscape made me wonder what it might feel like to trace the moods of a day and a night in music.

What listeners experienced over our UKARIA 24 weekend was the collective creation of the group of generous, imaginative people who gathered around this place and this question. What emerged was entirely collaborative. The idea of charting light’s temperament in sound encouraged us to think about combining elements in particular ways. It helped frame our conversations, and gave us an emotional architecture for the weekend.

It was the first time many of us worked together. The experience was joyful, stimulating. It revealed clues to projects we haven’t yet begun. It gave us space to open our senses, and ways into our own circadian rhythms through music, words and film.

It was extraordinary to be given the gift of a venue for a weekend, with the invitation to programme it, however you like.

This weekend changed me. It helped me remember what is possible, in the company of remarkable people.


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Randy Larcombe
Randy Larcombe
Randy Larcombe